Dark and Wet Home Inspection in Nashville

Dark and wet. Even after the sun went down, Johnny was hard at work inspecting properties. It can be really rewarding work, but it’s not fun when things get wet. However, this was an immediate sign that there was a problem lurking in the house – and Johnny set out to find it!


Hey guys – J and J here.

It’s dark outside, but we are inspecting the crawl space. I’ve got a sweet find we found up here.

So, I’m inspecting the crawl space and I’m like “why is it so wet?!”

So I look up at this hole and there’s a drain pipe right there and that’s the condensation coming off the pipe.

It’s a high efficiency furnace.

It’s not a big deal to fix it, but it’s been doing this for a while, so I’ll have to remediate a little bit of fungus and stuff here and get it fixed.

Crazy things you find on a home inspection.


Stay dry out there, Johnny!

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