Hendersonville, TN Home Inspection – An Easy Fix to a Fire Hazard

Johnny’s crawling through tight spaces again to inspect every inch of this house in Hendersonville. He discovered a common problem that poses a major fire hazard.


From the video:

“Hey Guys –

J and J home inspections coming to you with another video today.  We’re showing you a little bit about some of the things we see in crawl spaces and just your everyday house.

One thing right here that we come across is the splices right there without the use of a junction box. And what the junction box does is keep the wiring from becoming damaged. It also keeps the wire splices, as you see there, from being exposed and causing harm. This is actually a fire hazard.

So it’s actually quite an easy repair and all they have to do is take apart the wire and put it through a junction box and then attach the junction box anywhere – usually on the wood right here. A junction box is just a dollar so they can easily get that fixed. But a fire hazard like that should always be fixed and it’s usually an easy fix.

So here we go signing out. Talk to you soon!”

Johnny may have just prevented a major house fire. Nice work! Recently, a member of the J and J team bought a house and found the exact same problem lurking in the attic. So, this is definitely something we run across and thankfully there’s an easy solution.

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