At J and J Home Inspections, we’re in relentless pursuit of perfection. A poor home inspection can set you back thousands of dollars. But a quality inspector is worth their weight in gold. 

We’ve proudly started posting interesting finds on social media with the phrase “#GOTEM” when we find an issue with a property. Why? Because we’re proud to have caught something a seller may have been trying to sneak past a buyer. We’re excited that we prevented a low quality contractor from slipping their shoddy work past a homeowner. We’re elated that we found something for a seller with time to fix the issue – preventing a last minute surprise that could hit their wallet hard.

We work for you. When you hire J and J to do your home inspection, we go above and beyond to get that “Got ‘Em” moment. It’s the passion that motivates us to crawl into tighter spaces, go higher on roofs, and deal with extreme weather. 

We don’t take shortcuts, we don’t work for a clock, we don’t stop until we’ve looked over every square inch of our mandate. And if you hear us say, “Got ‘Em!” you can join in our excitement – we probably just caught an issue and saved you from a lot of trauma in the future.