Inspecting a Crawl Space: Nashville Home Inspection

In a recent video, you probably saw Johnny up on a roof inspecting it for problems. This time – he’s all the way beneath a house in Nashville looking for hidden issues. Take a look:

“What’s up guys! Happy Friday!

J and J Home Inspections here coming back with another video on interesting things found in a home inspection. Today we’re in the crawl space. We’re gonna take a look – there’s some cool things.

See that right there? That’s a “no-no”. You just don’t do that. So we’re going to recommend that they get that repaired by a qualified professional.

Alright that was interesting things found on a home inspection – you guys call today 615-915-8480. Call us before you buy.”

Or, Johnny, people can get in touch online if they need a home inspection in Nashville!