Inspecting a Roof in Franklin, TN

Oh, he’s standing on the ground next to a house… nope! Johnny’s up high for this video of an inspection in Franklin, Tennessee.


“Hey guys J and J live out here on the scene.

You know, we try to walk as many roofs as we can. Some are unsafe to walk or sometimes the weather doesn’t permit us to. But we always try to do the best and walk as many as we can.

Because that way we get a good inspection for our clients.

See right here we are up a roof and, if you are on the ground, you can’t really see this, but notice how this is loose right here? So, this shingle is not really in there all the way, And then, down here there’s a soft spot right there. So, that’s why we like to get on as many roofs as possible.

So, if you ever need a home inspection, hit us up we’ll be happy to help you. Thanks – have a good day! “

J and J Home Inspections is not afraid to climb up high for our Franklin clients!