Inspecting an attic in Brentwood, TN

Afraid of the attic? We aren’t! Johnny from J and J Home inspections had to traverse some tight spaces to find some serious problems with the structure of the roof. From the outside, he had already expected something might be wrong.

“What’s up guys?! J and J home Inspections here with Interesting things found in a home inspection.

We’re in the attic today. I kind of had to make my way around, but I had some roof stuff that I kind of was intrigued to see if there were any problems on the inside and… yeah, we found the problem.

Let me turn this over here…

That wood is rotted out and that part comes around the corner of the house – it’s all messed up.

Let me take you around here – let me see if I can get around.

We come down here and then we’ve got this one right here. Yeah, it looks like they may have repaired it on the outside, but they didn’t do the proper repair. So make sure you get a home inspection before you buy! call us today!”

Wow! Those are some serious issues that our client is really glad we found.

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