It’s not the settlement – It’s the water. 

Home Inspector finds downspout issues with a Hendersonville, TN house. 


What’s up guys –  J and J home inspections here 

This is another little tidbit video.

Coming over here, we’ve got some little water stuff going on right there. 

So, you have the staircase that’s settled over time all the way over there. 

But your culprit isn’t so much a normal settlement.  it’s just… water.

Check out both of those downspouts right there. They’re just pouring water into that corner so the crack is bigger on that end verse this end and that’s where you get all of that water so it settles down that way. 

I mean, this could have been well prevented if they had just taken the downspouts and then dropped them over there. That would have been it, But… we got ‘em so we’ll get it fixed.  See ya!