Leaky Valve in Franklin, TN

We don’t give up until we’re able to fully inspect a property. Recently, we had to leave and come back to complete an inspection because the water wasn’t on during our first visit.

It’s a good thing we came back because we discovered a water leak that could have cost the buyers a lot of money. Instead, the soon-to-be homeowners will be able to have the issue resolved and move into their house with peace of mind.


From the video:

“Hi guys J and J Home Inspections here doing a home inspection.

The water wasn’t on when we did the first inspection, so we had to come back and test.

But guess what? We got ‘em.

There’s water coming in the corner here. “Oh no!”

TPR valve is leaking. Yes.

So, we’ll  be able to get that to the buyers and have them get that repaired.

Y’all have a good day! See ya.”

Great job, Johnny! And awesome dedication – not giving up until the job is done right. Ready to book your next home inspector? Call us at 615-915-8480 or fill out the form on our Franklin, TN Home Inspectors page.