Nashville Home Inspection – Funny but Dangerous

We’ve seen some crazy things during home inspections over the years. The issue we stumbled upon in this Nashville home had us really shaking our heads. Take a look:


From the Video:

“Hey Guys – Johnny with J and J.

We’re at an inspection. So umm:

Basement staircase.

Dining room light.


So when I dim that light… that light comes on.

That light goes off – other light comes on.

We got em!”

Did you catch what was happening there? Somebody’s made a major mistake with the wiring in this home. When one light turns off, the other light turns on! It’s like something out of a comedy movie where the actor runs back and forth between the switches trying to get all the lights in the house off!

Unfortunately, this would definitely not have been funny for the new homeowner had we not caught it during our thorough inspection. There are a lot of homes being flipped around Nashville and we catch these kinds of mistakes all too often.

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