New Construction Home Inspection in Brentwood, TN

A new construction home inspection is really important. Even though everything might seem fine, getting a professional to ensure that your investment is sound can go a long way.

We recently completed a new construction inspection and saved the homeowner a lot of money.


From the video:

“Hey guys J and J home inspections here.

I’m doing a new construction inspection. I want to really reiterate – make sure you get a new construction home inspection.

Even though you saw the skeleton of it and did the pre drywall walk-through and everything looks fine and dandy – we see more than the homeowner does so let’s make sure you’re getting a home inspection.

For peace of mind and also you don’t want something happening down the road when you go to sell – five to ten years and then the buyer for the new sale finds something.

So today we’re up in the attic and we’re looking at the heater split system. And we run the air and that large gap right there-  that’s just letting air all in this thing. Look at that – just flooding. That right here is going to kill this system. And they’ll be probably replacing this system in less than a couple of years but since we found this in their new construction inspection, they can get this fixed asap and save them a lot of money down the road. This is Johnny with J and J home inspections signing off. See ya later!”

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