JohnnyAbout Johnny

A Tennessee native, Johnny is happily married to wife, Jessica, and has seven children.  His background in renovations, construction, electrical, and metalwork brings a level of experience to each home inspection that he performs with J and J Home Inspections.  He became interested in the industry after hiring a home inspector to look at a house that he and his wife purchased.  Without the help of the home inspector, they wouldn’t have found the various problems that existed with the house.  This inspired him to become a home inspector to help families find potential issues before they purchase a home.

About J&J Home Inspections

J&J Home Inspections believes in integrity and honesty in everything that they do.  They strive to deliver both professional and personal service.  By standing behind every home inspection they complete, they promise a standard of precision and accuracy.  Their goals are simple: to assess the components of your house and to provide a professional report to help you make your purchase decision.

J&J Home Inspections commits themselves to continued learning in order to stay up-to-date with the latest industry standards.  They believe in providing top-quality service before, during, and after the inspection.  They even offer lifetime technical support to each and every customer.

Why Do I Need a Home Inspection?

Simply put, it’s peace of mind about your biggest investment – your home.

For the buyer:

A home inspection gives the buyer assurance that the house they want to purchase is functional and safe.  It also lets them know about any needed repairs.  Our desire is to educate the buyer on maintenance and care of their home.

Advantages to the buyer include:

  • Confidence in your purchase
  • Valuable systems coverage
  • Protection for present and future investments

For the seller:

A home inspection provides the seller with the ability to market their house more efficiently and ultimately sell it faster and for more money.  It provides potential buyers with greater peace of mind and takes that burden away from them.  It also provides you with the opportunity to make any needed repairs to your home in advance, expediting the selling process.  Pre-listing home inspections are recommended for all sellers.

Advantages to the seller include:

  • Speeds up the selling process
  • Peace of mind for potential buyers
  • Adds and maintains value throughout the selling process
  • Increases buyer satisfaction

As every home inspection differs, get in touch with us for an exact quote.