Home Inspection Tips & Tricks

Home Inspection Tips

We at J and J Home Inspections want to ensure that you receive a top-quality home inspection.  We’ll provide you with insights on making sure that the information you get is accurate, because the safety and security of your home is top priority. We’d love to hear your feedback and comments, so feel free to reach out using the comment section on each home inspection post!

8 Home Inspection Red Flags

As any experienced home buyer will tell you, every house has its issues. Whether it’s that room that’s not quite the right color, a window that needs re-caulking, or a backyard that requires some landscaping, there are frequently minor problems that you’ll want to address after the purchase goes through. However, there are some red [...]

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Should I test for radon during my home inspection?

Radon – most of us have heard of it but don’t necessarily know what it is. However, much like carbon monoxide and other potential home dangers, it’s important to have radon tests conducted, especially during a home inspection.   What exactly is radon? So first things first, what exactly is radon? Radon is a radioactive [...]

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5 Biggest Home Inspection Mistakes

Buying a home is a huge investment and can be overwhelming at times. Many first-time homebuyers aren’t familiar with the entire process, particularly the home inspection stage. While there’s a lot of information about home inspections out there, it can still be stressful to attempt to wade through. However, here are some of the biggest [...]

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Carbon Monoxide: How to Protect Yourself

  Carbon monoxide. It’s a scary phrase that most of us know is bad news, but not everyone knows exactly what it is or how to detect it in their home. However, it’s important to be educated about this all-too-common problem and how a home inspector, like the ones here at J & J, can [...]

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Should you get a Home Inspector Suggested by an Agent?

During the home-buying process, it’s crucial for a buyer to make sure the property is in excellent condition. The only way to do this is to hire a qualified home inspector to scrutinize the home for any issues. Many agents will recommend one or more inspectors to their buyers – however, buyers may have doubts [...]

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Preparing for a Pre-Lising Home Inspection

While many sellers may assume that home inspections should be completed after they’ve found a buyer, having a pre-listing home inspection can come with multiple benefits. By taking care of the inspection upfront, a seller has the opportunity to resolve any major issues with the home. Not only does this prevent a possible sale from [...]

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What to Expect from a Home Inspection

Although it’s a crucial part of the home selling process, everyone may not understand exactly what happens during a home inspection. The experts at J and J want you to make sure you understand exactly what to expect - whether you home is in Hendersonville, Nashville, or anywhere else in the United States! This mandatory [...]

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