Our Favorite Lunch Spots in Franklin, TN

A Home Inspectors Guide to Good Eats

As local area home inspectors, our business keeps us on the move, working in the field and meeting with local Tennessee-area residents in their homes. This has helped us to learn the critical issues buyers and sellers face in our local real estate market, so we can provide valuable recommendations to our clients. It’s also given us the opportunity to savor the best in our local cuisine. One of our favorite places to work is in and around the city of Franklin. It’s also one of our favorite places to grab lunch!

The historic city of Franklin is one of our Tennessee treasures and part of Nashville’s booming real estate market. The team at J & J Hope Inspections is so honored to provide supportive services that help keep Williamson County homes healthy for generations to come. We also believe strongly in keeping our economy healthy by supporting our local businesses. One of the reasons we love this area so much is because of the great eateries and restaurants that nourish and welcome us with Tennessee’s unmistakable southern charm.

10 of our favorite places to eat in Franklin:

  1. Downtown Franklin features “America’s Favorite Main Street” and is surrounded by some of the best eateries in the State. Puckett’s Boat House, located at 94 E Main St., is one of our favorite stops for seafood fare featuring juicy raw oysters and fried cod. The prime rib is also a must-try for meat-eaters!
  2. Located at 1340 W. Main Street, Tito’s Pueblo Real Mexican Restaurant offers a genuine and welcoming, family-owned atmosphere and some of the best Mexican cuisine north of the border. Their lunch specials are not only delicious and filling they are also easy on the wallet.
  3. Another one of our favorite eateries on Main is called 55 South. This favorite area bistro is also located off Interstate 55 that runs from Memphis to New Orleans. Chef Jason McConnell brings his favorite flavors together to offer diners a unique culinary spin on all our favorite southern dishes. We’ve never had anything we didn’t love here, including the chicken wings!
  4. When we’re in the mood for southern comfort food with a creative twist, we stop in to the Tupelo Honey Café on Meridian Blvd. Chef Eric Gabrynowicz sources many of his ingredients from local purveyors, and creates his daily specials and menu from scratch. We’ve yet to taste anything at Tupelo that wasn’t exceptional.
  5. Yats on Mallory Lane offers hearty plates of authentic New Orleans Creole cuisine. One of our favorite lunches is the Cajun Etouffee (and a beignet for dessert) that leaves no inspector hungry for their afternoon house calls. The atmosphere is laid-back and features counter service making a quick lunch doable.
  6. The Honeysuckle on Galleria Blvd has a rustic-chic atmosphere with everyone’s favorite southern staples. The J & J team is a huge fan of the spicy shrimp and grits, and oysters (when in season) served any way you like them from their fresh oyster bar.
  7. When we’re in the mood for a great steak in Franklin, we make a special trip to Sperry’s Cool Springs located at 650 Frazier Drive. This upscale, yet casual steakhouse features a generous salad bar with lighter fare and the perfect accompaniment to Sperry’s mouthwatering surf-n-turf options.
  8. Another home inspector’s favorite is an Asian fusion restaurant on Market Exchange Ct. Wild Ginger features unique dishes blending American favorites with traditional Asian plates. We love to eat sushi poolside on their patio when the sun is out.
  9. BrickTop’s is one of the popular business lunch spots around town, and one of our favorite eateries for traditional American fare. Located on McEwen Drive in Cool Springs, we never miss a chance to savor the Prime Meatloaf and whipped potatoes.
  10. Lastly, our list of favorite eateries in Franklin wouldn’t be complete without great Italian fare. Pasta & Cream is located at 1203 Murfreesboro Road and is a regular stop for our home inspectors while working in the area. This Italian eatery makes delicious gourmet pasta and noodle dishes with traditional and inventive sauce options that comfort and satisfy our inspectors every time. We promise you won’t leave hungry from this experience.

When you’re out and about in Franklin, we hope you’ll try one of our favorite restaurants. When you’re selling or buying a home in the area, we hope you’ll trust J & J Home Inspections.

Visit our Franklin Home Inspections page or call us at 615-915-8480. We can help assess quality issues in any home and direct you to the best eats in our community!